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“What is your plan

to stay pure?”

We all need

a plan.

What People are Saying:

“I already went through the first week and loved the material”

“I understand better how to live victoriously.”

“The point that stands out to me is in Session 2 where it talks about getting to the root issues of a problem…not just the surface problem.”

“Every time I listen to a lesson, I say, ‘It can’t get any better,’ and then it does.”

“I’ve been listening to your messages and the Lord is really speaking to me.”

“This course explains what I have to do, and digs down to the roots of how to deal with sin, so that I can live a victorious life. My life has been changed forever!

The Battle for Purity Is Real
The explosion of sexual images is alarming. Technology allows unprecedented access to filth through movies, magazines, and media any time of the day or night.
What is the result?
Devastated lives, families, and ministries.

Our Defenses are Down
In some cases, little is being done to successfully address the growing threat. Individuals, families and churches continue to be adversely affected while not having a clear plan to defend themselves adequately.

Victory is More than Possible!
Great hope is available to the believer because of the resources he has in JESUS!

The Purpose of Purity Plan Ministries
We are an independent, fundamental Baptist ministry.
We assist local churches with preaching and teaching
for pure lives,
tools for prevention of immorality in families, resources for struggling individuals, and a Purity Curriculum.

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“Purity Plan biblically
and practically revealed the
heart of the battle for moral purity
in my life and charted God’s
clear path to a life of victory
from His Word.”

– a Layman